UNDER LICENSE OF Rltr. John R. Petalcorin


There shall only be 20 Salespersons under the Broker license of Rltr. John R. Petalcorin. The Salesperson shall be assigned on any one the following areas: (1) Caloocan, (2) Valenzuela, (3) Taguig, (4) Las Pinas, (5) Muntinlupa, (6) Paranaque, (7) Marikina, (8) Quezon City, (9) Pasig, (10) Pasay, (11) Manila, (12) Makati, (13) Mandaluyong, (14) Rizal, (15) Bulacan, (16) Pampanga, (17) Laguna, (18) Cavite, (19) Batangas, (20) Bataan. The Salesperson must be a resident in the area of assignment.



1. Complete the Real Estate Salesperson Application Process (refer to

2. Equip oneself with a digital camera that can take clear pictures on properties and macro pictures on documents.

3. Perform professional services in the area of assignment per request on clients, customers or as may be assigned by the Broker.

4. Solicit Broker Authorization on properties for sale or lease from individual owners, real estate developers, dealers, banks, local government units, and government financial institutions. It should include various properties such as brand new subdivision lots and houses and condominium, foreclosed properties, agricultural land, industrial land, beach properties, and memorial lots.

5. Conduct pre-marketing due-diligence and prepare the property folder of each listing.

6. Must commit to accumulate and maintain at least fifty (50) properties for sale and lease and advertise it in the internet.

7. Represent the Broker in dealing with clients and customers in the area of assignment regarding any services being offered by the Broker.

8. Submit to the supervisory function of Rltr. John R. Petalcorin by having all real estate documents signed and stamp-approved by the Broker.† such as, but not limited to the following:

8.1. Buyer Identity Registration Report,
8.2. Seller Identity Registration Report,
8.3. Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement,
8.4. Exclusive Broker Authority,
8.5. Non-Exclusive Broker Authority,
8.6. Accreditation Agreement,
8.7. Reservation Agreement,
8.8. Contract to Sell,
8.9. Absolute Deed of Sale,
8.10. Conditional Deed of Sale,
8.11. Lease Agreement,
8.12. Property Management Agreement,
8.13. Offer to Buy, Price Validation Report,
8.14. Due-Diligence Report,
8.15. Project Development Status Inspection Report,
8.16. Condo Unit Safety Inspection Report,
8.17. Guarantor Agreement,
8.18. Realter (Rltr) Membership Application Form,
8.19. Referral Agent and Salespersonís Assistants Registration Form,
8.20. Direct Pay Authorization,
8.21. Letter of Request for Accreditation, and
8.22. Other real estate documents (see list in that put the Broker or Salesperson within the scope of legal and professional responsibility, accountability, and liability.

For convenience, all of these documents may be transmitted electronically between the Salesperson and the Broker. The Broker shall charge a prescribed fee per document, which the Salesperson may pay it from his/her own account or collect it from the client or customer, whichever is appropriate.

9. Attend the annual Pre-Licensing Seminar of Rltr. John R. Petalcorin, renew annual license and registration in PRC and HLURB.

10. Indicate the following in all advertisements, business cards, ID cards, and documents:

 Complete Name of Salesperson

 Designation (example: Real Estate Salesperson, Makati City)

 Contact Information of Salesperson (cell phone, telephone, email)

 Complete name of Broker (i.e. Under License of Rltr. John Odonnell R. Petalcorin)

 URL of the Website of Broker (



1. The Salesperson may use the Rltrģ professional title for free as long as his/her PRC-registration is under license of Realter Society Founder and Real Estate Broker Rltr. John R. Petalcorin.

2. The Salesperson may directly pre-negotiate with real estate owners, developers, dealers, banks, and LGUs on the compensation (i.e. commission rate, commission sharing agreements, professional fees, and referral fees) at stake on properties he endorses to the Broker.

3. The Salesperson is entitled to 100% share of the professional service fee and commission on successful deals within the area of assignment.

4. Upon request of the Salesperson, the Broker shall issue a Direct Pay Instruction to Clients and Customers so they can pay the professional fee and commission directly to the Salesperson without passing through the Broker.

5. Based on the location of the property, the Salesperson shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the area of assignment; hence, Salesperson shall refer properties to one another without any condition. If Buyer is known by one Salesperson and the property is under the area of assignment of another Salesperson, the commission shall be split by 50:50 between the two.†

6. The Salesperson may recruit his/her own referral agents and assistants, provided that he/she shall submit the Referral Agents and Salespersonís Assistants Registration Form to the records of the Broker.

7. The official business address of the Salesperson in his/her business card shall be the Principal Place of Business of the Broker that is registered in the Department of Trade and Industry and Bureau of Internal Revenue. The Salesperson may use the† Official Receipt of the Broker for any kind of remuneration received from clients and customers. All taxes indicated in the Official Receipt must be remitted to the Broker.

8. The Salesperson has option to deposit a P20,000 Performance Bond in the safe account of the Broker. A performance bond is a useful factor to boost customer confidence on the Salesperson. This bond can be used to compensate customers for Salesperson malpractice and it is returnable to the Salesperson upon resignation or retirement.



The Salesperson is a sub-agent of the Broker and an independent service provider and not an employee of the Broker. Hence, the Salesperson is responsible to voluntarily take care of his/her SSS Contributions, Pag-Ibig Contributions, Phil Health Contributions, and Income Tax.



We, the undersigned, agree to abide by the general principles set in this agreement.


Signature: _____________________________________________

Salesperson Name: ______________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________

Area of Assignment: _____________________________________


Signature: _____________________________________________

Broker Name: Rltr. John Odonnell R. Petalcorin

Date: _________________________________________________


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The front and back of the Salespersonís ID Card would look like this one below.

Salespersonís Trodat Stamp on fliers would look like this one below.

For inquiries, please contact:
Rltr. Jose P. Rizal
PRC-Registered Salesperson*
Tel: 02-1234567 / CP: 09217654321

*Under Broker Rltr. John Odonnell R. Petalcorin
PRC Lic# 0010105. Website: