1. Real Estate Salesperson Application Form.

2. Proof of Age ó original and photocopy of NSO Certificate of Live Birth

3. Proof of ID and Citizenship ó original and photocopy of Philippine Passport.

4. Proof of Status ó original and photocopy of NSO Certificate of Marriage

5. Proof of Educational Attainment ó photocopy of College Transcript of Records showing completion of at least 2nd year college.

6. Proof of Good Moral Character ó original and photocopy NBI Clearance for Employment Purpose.

7. Passport size colored picture with complete nametag and white background.

8. Brokerís Certification that applicant completed 12 Units of Real Estate Training.

9. If the applicant wants to be under my license, please read our Broker-Salesperson Agreement.



Successful applicant will be assigned to a licensed Broker and recommended for training and accreditation to market projects of a real estate developer, properties of a real estate dealer, assets being sold by foreclosed properties department of a bank, or individual properties offered for sale or lease by their owners.



There are three (3) stages of seminars with a minimum total of 12 Credit Units in the making of a licensed Salesperson. Salesperson are not required to pass any licensure exam.

1. First stage is the Salesperson Pre-Licensing Seminar (Credit: 2 Units). This Seminar will be conducted by the Salespersonís very own Broker. This seminar will serve as the entry-level interview and career guidance counseling for the Salesperson. The objectives of this Seminar are (1) to determine if it is practical to be under the said Broker considering the residential proximity and priorities of the Salesperson, (2) to determine if there is a match between Salesperson and the Broker, and (3) to make the Salesperson aware of the rules, costs and potential income of being a Salesperson. Any seasoned Broker could easily conduct the Salesperson† Pre-Licensing Seminar for 2 hours to 4 hours. A Broker with an hourly rate of P800/hour may charge P1,600 for the Seminar plus transportation cost if conducted in a venue nominated by the Salesperson. The schedule (date, time, and venue) of this Seminar can be mutually agreed upon by the Broker and applicant. The Seminar will cover the following parts:

1.1. Disclosure. Applicant will introduce him/herself and explains his/her aspirations in the real estate service. Broker will ask few questions to verify content of the resume. Broker will introduce himself and enumerate his professional services.

1.2. Legal Briefing. The Broker will brief the Salesperson about the salient features of Real Estate Service Act of 2009 (RA 9646) and salient features of Condominium and Subdivision Buyers Protection Decree (PD 957). Broker explains the PRC-Accreditation and HLURB-Registration Process and Application Forms for Salespersons.

1.3. Endorsement Letter. The Broker writes an endorsement letter for the applicant to attend formal classroom seminar on CRESR and PKS.

1.4. Office Procedures. Broker enumerates the operations procedure, forms, regular activities, and house rules for all Salespersons under his license.

2. Second stage is the Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Review (CRESR) to be conducted in a classroom by a private seminar provider that is accredited by PRC (Credit: 8 Units). The CRESR is a classroom seminar, meaning, the student will most likely have classmates. CRESR for Salespersons is almost the same seminar that pre-RESA Brokers get before they take the licensure exam. The difference between the Brokersí CRESR and the Salespersonís CRESR is the length ó The Brokersí CRESR is normally six days but the Salespersonsí CRESR is compressed into one day. The CRESR fee varies, depending on the venue and caliber of the seminar provider. It is important that the Salesperson applicant and Broker sit down and plan it together on where the Salesperson will take the seminar to get the best deal for the money and achieve the best result.

3. Third stage is the Product Knowledge Seminar (PKS) which will be conducted by the developer, dealer, or bank where you will be assigned -- this product seminar is usually FREE (Credit: 2 Units). The PKS is usually a combination of classroom instruction and actual visit to project sites. Companies who have upcoming PKS normally send automatic invitation to Brokers. It is important that the Salesperson and the Broker sit down and plan it together on where the Salesperson will get the PKS to be aligned with the team priorities of the Broker.


After the three-stages training, the applicant will return to the Broker for the following paperwork preparation.

1. The Broker shall guide the Applicant in answering the Salesperson Application Form. Take note that these Official Forms require the signature of both the Salesperson and the Broker.

2. Broker will issue a Consolidated Training Certificate wherein the Broker will certify that the Salesperson have accumulated a total of 12 Credit Units from the three-stage seminars.

3. Broker† will issue a Salesperson Endorsement Letter addressed to PRC. This will serve as cover letter of the Salespersonís paperwork for submission to PRC .

Finally, the applicant will hand-carry the three paperwork listed above to PRC so that the applicant will be able to get PRC registration. There is a registration fee in PRC. After submitting the requirements, the applicant becomes a legitimate PRC-registered Professional Real Estate Salesperson.

Since the Salesperson will be operating and making money under the license of the Broker, the Broker may charge a Sub-Licensing Retainer Fee, but some Brokers opt to take share of commission in lieu of the Retainer Fee.

PRC-registered Salespersons who decide to actively participate in selling brand new real estate projects , such as subdivisions, condominiums, and memorial lots are required to register in Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB).


To ensure that the Salesperson will operate under the direct supervision of the Broker, all real estate transaction agreements, business forms, and documents that the Salesperson will use for his/her clients and customers must have prior knowledge and approval of the supervising Broker. The supervising Broker shall not be held accountable on any documents wherein he/she did not affix his/her approving stamp or signature.


Real estate sales is not an 8-5 job. A salesperson who makes one sale a year is already considered successful. We believe that a long-term readiness to hit a sale and continuous expansion of personal network are the most important factors toward a successful career in real estate salesmanship. Hence, we will provide continuous product knowledge seminars, leadership trainings, and inexhaustible good recommendations, references, and endorsements to help the Salesperson join network-expanding opportunities such as having a regular job in large companies (companies not related to real estate business) and membership in large socio-civic organization.


The Salesperson shall plan and implement his/her own marketing strategy, techniques, and tactics in effective teamwork with his/her supervising Broker. There shall be no sales quota to be imposed on the Salesperson, nor will he/she be mandated to work full-time.


There is no organization in real estate sales that pays salaries. It is always commission basis. In our organization we pay PF plus commission. PF is for work input and commission is a reward for positive result of the work. We will pay you a PF, transportation and food allowance, and transaction fee allowance if ever I send you out on official mission, such as to investigate a title of a property, to inspect a property, to interview a client, or to make a sales presentation. Your commission rate depends on your agreement with the seller, developer, dealer, or bank whose property you are selling. You can actually choose on commission sharing agreement with your Supervising Broker, ranging from 50%:50%, 60%:40%, 70%:30%, 80%:20%, 90%:10% up to 100%:0%.


One licensed Real Estate Broker can only accommodate 20 Salesperson at a time. The number of Salesperson we can accommodate depends on the number of Brokers we have.


We are an equal opportunity and non-discriminating employer. In selecting applicants, we don't put weight on religion, gender, looks, age, marital status, school background. But we will not respond to applicants who will not care to diligently follow the application process. Filipinos working or residing abroad are welcome to apply.


Salespersons, just like Brokers, have the option and right to join Realter Society to be entitled to use the Rltrģ professional title.


To initiate an application for Salesperson, please call your Broker directly. If you donít have a Broker, please feel free to contact me directly. I may still have open slots under my license. Alternatively, if you donít like to be under my license or if there is no more slot for you under my license, I can always help you find other Brokers who live close to your residence.

Rltr. John R. Petalcorin
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Rltr John R Petalcorin
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†††††††††† If a person comes to us with desire to make money as a real estate agent, we responsibly prescribe the Salesperson Application Process. Salesperson accreditation is our way of advocating the Real Estate Service Act of 2009 (RESA). As Brokers, we are authorized by law to accredit a maximum of twenty (20) Salespersons under our individual licenses, letís exhaust this privilege to extend employment opportunities to those who need it. The relevance of our profession is that we prevent real estate anomalies and headaches; and there are a lot of people who need our services. Letís activate as much Salespersons as we can to be able to extend our serving hand to all. (Rltr. John R. Petalcorin, Broker, Real Estate Service Coach)